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SymPatia – new module for hydraulic calculations

By September 19, 2020October 27th, 2020District Heating, Energy

Effective usage is the ultimate goal of managing the network infrastructure in a heating or water supply organization. Using GIS systems for building the network model and calculation programs for setting the network parameters are necessary for achieving this goal. SymPatia program detects flows and pressure loss in the heating and water supply network with charge (flow) set value for network end nodes.

SymPatia supports the following networks:

  • symmetric and asymmetric networks (concerning the symmetry between the power supply and return in heating networks),
  • networks that include many cooperating sources,
  • networks with any number of cycles,
  • networks with lifting devices or devices reducing the pressure in the network

As a result, the program provides flow and pressure loss values in the network edges and pressure values in the network nodes.

SymPatia’s work parameters are set automatically but the user may change them on a request. The program is resistant to an impasse. In such a situation, it returns a message with a problem description and points out its location. Optionally, it may find a solution that’s closest to reality. For example, a provided increase or reduction value is too high would result in a discrepancy in calculations in the loop with a stabilizer, so the program sets a maximum possible value.

The SymPatia program works in conjunction with DH.GIS system based on the Smallworld platform. SymPatia can also be adjusted to work with another GIS system. Moreover, the calculation engine can run by itself, using data (network projection) prepared by the user.

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