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We maintained the Research & Development Center status for yet another year!

By June 9, 2021November 4th, 2021Events, R & D

It’s yet another year in a row that we maintain the prestigious Research & Development Center status granted by the Ministry of Economic Development, Labour, and Technology. Besides Globema, 45 other Polish companies made it to the official R&D Center list. Find out what R&D projects we are working on!

The Research & Development Center status is given to the companies that invest in their research activities and generate revenue from those investments. For Globema, it’s products such as:

  • projects subsidized by the European Union:
    • GlobIQ – building digital asset models for telecommunications and utility companies
    • PROGO – area-based production forecasting for renewable energy sources (RES)
    • ESRS – an intelligent system for lv network reconfiguration
    • SORAL – condition monitoring of cable lines
    • ElGrid – energy network optimization
  • original products:
    • GeoTask – an application for planning optimal routes and schedules and monitoring their progress
    • GeoPlatform – geospatial apps based on existing components
    • DH.GIS – a tool built on GE Smallworld that improves heating network management

Our R&D service prognOZEr is particularly worth mentioning. It’s made with two R&D components: the 4RES system created within the PROGO project, and GeoGrid. prognOZEr portal displays an up-to-date forecast of wind and sun energy generation in Poland. You can check the intensity of energy generation for the given day as well as the next two days and filter by voivodeships and counties using a map. It’s a great example of an R&D project that brings real benefits to society.

As the Research & Development Center, we also work with the leading technical universities and science institutes, including Łódź and Warsaw Universities of Technology, the University of Warsaw, and the AGH University of Science and Technology.

Globema operates since 1997 and carries a Research & Development Center status since January 2012. You can see a list of all companies that got the status this year on the Ministry of Economic Development, Labour, and Technology’s website.