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How to efficiently manage a large pipeline network – PERN case study

By September 2, 2021November 4th, 2021Field Service Management, Gas & Oil, Smallworld

Implementing the SeZaM system at PERN S.A. has provided complex support and improvement of maintenance processes and network operations. It has also brought many benefits such as automation of work and improving its quality or ensuring data consistency. Learn about the customer story and find out how our experience and the GE Smallworld platform have guaranteed implementation success and constant development that allows PERN to meet their needs and challenges throughout the years.

PERN is a key company in Poland’s energy infrastructure. It transports oil from Russia to Poland and Germany and distributes liquid fuels around Poland. PERN’s technical infrastructure can be found all around the country and it includes oil pipelines, product pipelines, oil storage units, as well as energy and fiber optic networks.

In 2009, PERN’s management decided to implement a complex IT system for managing network assets. The company turned to Globema who implemented the SeZaM system as well as the GE Global Transmission Office application based on the GE Smallworld platform. We also created an inventory of the transmission network, storage units, and fiber-optic network. In the following years, the system was expanded with additional functional modules (such as managing work in the Explosion Hazardous Areas) in the Pay-As-You-Go model.

Network Asset Management system at PERN – learn about the customer success story

How can you effectively manage a vast technical infrastructure including oil pipelines, product pipelines, oil storage units, as well as energy and fiber optic networks? Check out the PERN case study and you will learn:

You will find answers to these and more questions in the text:

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