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Optimized Task Execution Through Mobile Field Service Management – join the webinar

If you are facing increased challenges related to effective task management join us for a free webinar. You will hear about the many benefits of Field Service Management solution and learn how to achieve greater business process efficiency and improved quality of customer service.

Efficient handling of spatially dispersed assets and the corresponding management of inspections, repairs, upgrades, and other scheduled and unscheduled services demands carefully integrated coordination and control. Since complications inevitably arise in fieldwork due to unforeseen events such as failures, outages, and delivery errors, completing tasks on time and at high quality puts tremendous pressure on field personnel.

A highly versatile field service management (FSM) application such as GeoTask can:

  • optimize the productivity of fieldwork teams
  • maintain situational awareness of network conditions
  • enhance overall coordination of field activities.

Some of the benefits our customers have gained over the years are:

personnel productivity gains of 15-40%

fieldwork cost reductions of 25-60%

overtime labor cost reductions of 40-60%

travel cost reductions of 15-25%

Save your spot at the FSM webinar

Want to learn more and see a live demo of GeoTask? Sign up to the free webinar Optimized Task Execution Through Mobile Field Service Management (November 4th, 11 AM EDT):