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Automation and optimization of spatial data control processes – case study

By October 15, 2021November 4th, 2021case study, FME

FME Platform helped Visimind to fully automate and significantly reduce the time of implemented processes of data collection, validation, and control. It also allowed to build a number of high-quality products based on the acquired data about the Polish Power Grid (PSE) network. Learn about the customer’s story and find out about the benefits of using FME Platform.

As a part of the project carried out for PSE, Visimind had to conduct a detailed inventory of objects that belong to the PSE power network. This meant collecting and providing data structured in a defined way on the PSE network, expanding over many kilometers of land.

On their basis a number of products had to be created – including a Geobase, that is, a record of all digitized objects visible on the orthophoto map. A very important issue in the entire project was to provide top quality data.

To meet the assumptions of the project, Visimind was looking for a solution that would automate and accelerate the process of collecting, but most importantly of validating and controlling the collected data and the delivered products (and improve their quality) – activities which have so far been performed mostly manually or semi-automatically.

FME – Visimind – find out more about the customer’s story

How did the services provided by Globema and the FME implementation help to meet project objectives for a strategic customer – Polish Power Grids (PSE)? Read the case study and find out:

  • What challenges did Visimind face in connection with the implementation of the project for PSE?
  • Why did Visimind turn to Globema for support and chose FME?
  • What benefits did FME bring to Visimind and how did our further cooperation develop?

You will find answers to these and more questions in the text:

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